SK Chemtrade


We are a solution creator offering value added product development and key functional ingredients to targeted customers in Southern Africa.

Through our proud associations with companies including International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), Oterra, Vitablend and Nexira, we are equipped with a basket of world class key speciality food ingredients including flavours, natural colours, vitamin premixes, botanical extracts and other functional ingredients that we combine to create the perfect tailor-made compound or blend for our clientele.

We supply customers in the beverage, confectionary, dairy, savoury, baked goods and pharmaceutical industries.


We have a passion to deliver better ingredient solutions to our customers, in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and health & wellness industries in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Core Capabilities/Our Offering

Product Development & Compounding

With a highly skilled team of Food Scientists, we can bring your idea to life, from Concept to Launch.
We are here to assist our customers in keeping up to date with market trends and our all-in-one compounds contain the complete basket of key ingredients to make your complex idea a simple reality.

Vitamin and Mineral Premixes

We are proud to represent Vitablend. Vitablend provides innovative nutritional premixes for fortification of food products including ingredients like vitamins, minerals, nucleotides, amino-acids and other functional ingredients. Vitablend has a portfolio of major customers within the food industry, infant nutrition, clinical nutrition, sport drinks and nutritional drinks.

Nutraceuticals and Botanical Extracts

We source, stock and deliver the best clinically researched ingredients for the dietary supplement, sport nutrition and functional food and beverage markets in South Africa.


Through our proud partnership with IFF we offer a large selection of liquid flavours, emulsions, powder and savoury flavours.

Bakery and Dessert Applications

We can offer whipping agents and aerating emulsifiers, spray-dried powders, salt reducers, yeast extracts and lecithin.


It is no longer enough for products to be beautiful – the colourants used in food and beverages need to be safe and natural too. Through our proud association with Oterra we can offer natural, healthy food colourants.

Functional Animal Proteins

We are proud to work with SONAC on their range of functional animal proteins for the meat industry.


We can offer a range of modulation technologies and sweetener blends.

Pharmaceutical Excipients

Ashland Life Sciences advances drug delivery with an unparalleled range of excipients, and longstanding polymer expertise and technical support that enable sophisticated science-based solutions for today’s drug formulation challenges.



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Innovative Product Concepts

Combining a wealth of experience in flavours, natural ingredients and functionality into formulations. This offers customers a point of differentiation on shelf.

Test Tubes and Dripper

Reduced Time to Market

The Innovations Centre hosts expert food scientists. Formulations are designed faster and application samples are tested sooner. This results in speedier product launches.

The team works in an open-door environment. Everyone is involved in a brief. This fosters open dialogue and brainstorming. The team is encouraged to be open and share ideas.

Customers simply choose a concept they like. A dedicated and bespoke formulation to requirement and / or a premix is then formulated. This offers short lead times and concept to launch capability within weeks.

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Reduced Purchasing and Storage Costs

Blends and compound premixes take the hassle out of procuring numerous ingredients. A blend of ingredients can include flavours, colours, botanical extracts, sweeteners and modulators.

SK stocks single ingredients where customers choose to control all aspects of their production in-house.


Access to International Trends in Product Development

SK represents world leaders in flavours, vitamin premixes, natural colourants and carotenoids, salt and sugar reduction solutions, botanical extracts and nutraceuticals. Partners are enthusiastic to work in Africa, sharing trends shaping the international food and beverage category. International knowledge and expertise is incorporated into formulations for customers.

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Small Scale Pilot Bottling Plant

2018 saw the implementation of a small scale bottling plant.
This limits the launch risk for customers by lowering minimum order quantities. Raw materials are kept on the floor and bottled accordingly.

There is no need for a customer to invest in a raw material warehouse.
We mimimise teething mistakes by assisting customers with regulatory information in-house.
SK can produce small order runs for the launch phase.